Prototype Development Services

By their nature, Prototype programs pose certain Development and management challenges unlike anything else in architecture. From functional test beds to running design templates, our intelligent solutions follow a series of essential steps to ensure your Prototype starts off with the best chance to succeed:

  • Identify and organize Management, Merchandising, Vendor, and Construction objectives into structured design packages.
  • Evaluate the overall development program to foster effective and efficient deployment strategies.
  • Facilitate individual site adaptations with expert guidance and interpretation of technical design intent.
  • Conduct regulatory and manufacturer master review programs to expedite permitting and construction.
  • Coordinate ongoing design feedback from individual site Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Code Authorities.

By balancing these variables, we can rapidly roll out a standard Construction program, while staying flexible enough to respond to evolving Client needs and specific site requirements. IMBIMBO Architecture + Development has a history of success with corporate Prototype programs, including seven major national and international chains with thousands of individual projects.

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